Betta Splendens – Siamese Fighting Fish

Crown Tail
Bettas are an excellent beginner fish that everyone can enjoy.  They typically require no more than a few gallons of water and almost no equipment at all making them a very inexpensive way to get involved in aquarium husbandry.



Bettas come in a wide variety of colors and have been bread in captivity to show off their desirable traits, including their beautiful flowing tails. Most hobbyists will be after a male because they display the best colors and fins.  Two males should not be kept together in the same aquarium because they are highly territorial.


It is a misconception that they must be kept in solitary confinement as they do well with many other species of docile fish.


Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio

Elegant Reef stocks all types of bettas including fan-tails, half-moons, crown tails, deltas, and more.


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