Freshwater & Saltwater In Today!

It’s that time again, Fellow Fish Enthusiasts!

Another amazing shipment has landed at The Studio. Here’s what’s new this week!

Coral Beauty Sm/Md
Eibli Angel (Indo)
Naso Tang (Haw.) Md
Yellow Tang (Haw.) 3.5″-4.4″
Chromis Green (Indo)
Eye Spot Damsel (Indo)
Three Spot Domino Damsel (In
Yellowtail Blue Damsel (Indo)
Kupang (Hemicyanea) Damsel
Springeri Damsel
Kole Tang (Haw.) Md
Purple Tang Sm/Md
Africa Cleaner Wrasse
Cleaner Gold Wrasse (Indo)
Lubbock Fairy Wrasse
Pintail Fairy Wrasse Male
Banggai Cardinal M/L
Hawkfish Flame Md
Auriga Butterfly Md
Pakistan Butterfly (Indo) Md
Blue-dotted Black Blenny
Bicolor Blenny (Indo)
Clown Yellow Goby
Firefish Goby
Mandarin Green Goby Md
Mandarin Spotted Goby Sm
Watchman Orange Spotted Goby
Red Scooter Blenny
Randalii Goby (Indo)
Weaver Goby
Midas Blenny Africa Md
Diamond Goby Md
Yellow Rose Goby (Indo)
Engineer Goby
Forktail Blenny
Starry Blenny Sm/Md
Dogface Puffer Sm
Orange Shoulder Tang Md
Sailfin Tang (Indo) Md
Scopus Tang (indo) Md
Cleaner Wrasse Red Sea
Christmas Wrasse Red
Yellow Fin Fairy/Millenium Wrs
Anthias Purple Queen
Foxface Md
Pseudo Chromis Bicolor
Royal Gramma (Car.) Sm/Md
Tobacco Basslet
Blue and Gold Rabbitfish (Fiji
Squamipinnis Female Fiji
Anthias Dispar
Black Bar Chromis Med
Undulate Trigger Med
Green Coris Wrasse Med
Potters Leopard Wrasse Hawaii Sml
Six Line Wrasse
Yellow Goatfish Sml
Emerald Crab
Aiptasia Eating Peppermint Shrimp
Mexican Turbo Snail Med
Red Stripe Trochus Snail Bali Med
Green Bulb Anemone Md
Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Car.)
Electric Blue Hermit
Cleaner Shrimp Lg
Fire Shrimp (Sri) Md
Tiger Shrimp
Chocolate Chip Starfish Sm/Md
Black Tip Red Reef Starfish
Urchin Tuxedo
Maxima Ultra 5″-6″
Cerith Snail
Sea Hare Nudibranch Lg

Astria Snail (Florida)
Albino Bristlenose Pleco Florida Reg
Plecostomus Florida Reg
Clown Pleco L103 Reg
Zebra Synodontis Catfish Hybrid Reg
Synodontis Lace Catfish Reg
Assorted Fancy Angel Reg
Assorted Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid Med
Bumblebee Maylandia Ornatus Cichlid Reg
Orange Blotched Peacock Cichlid Reg
Electric Blue Ahli Cichlid Reg
Sunshine Peacock Cichlid Reg
Electric Blue Ram Cichlid Reg
German Blue Ram Cichlid Reg
Albino Tiger Oscar Reg
Longfin Tiger Oscar Reg
Tiger Oscar Reg
Celestial Pearl Danio Reg
Peacock Eel Reg
Neon Butterfly Lyretail Balloon Molly Reg
Dwarf Freshwater BB Puffer Reg
Rasbora Het Florida Reg
Otocinclus Reg
Siamese Flying Fox Reg
Cardinal Tetra Florida Lrg
Neon Tetra Florida Lrg
Silver Hatchet Reg
Cherry Red Shrimp Reg
Electric Blue Crawfish Reg
Amano Algae Eating Shrimp Reg
Dwarf Blue Lobster Reg
Horned Nerite Snail Sml
Assorted Mystery Snail Reg
Bacopa Plant Bunched Reg
Red Jungle Vallisneria Plant Reg

… and so many more beautiful creatures to choose from, I’ll see you at The Studio!

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