Massive Shipments Arrive Today!

Greetings Fellow Fish Enthusiasts,

It’s a BIG SHIPMENT DAY and you absolutely don’t want to miss this!

Saltwater Fish & Inverts landed late last night and even more from O.R.A. arriving this afternoon!

Did I mention that Freshwater livestock is also landing today?! We have Ghost Shrimp Feeders this week while supplies last!

All this beautiful weather makes it the perfect time to spend some time on the pond – check out our small but growing selection of pond plants!

Here is what’s new this week at Elegant Reef – Tropical Fish Studio!

Saltwater Fish:
Flagfinned Angel (Indo) Md
Lemon Peel Angel Fiji
Navarchus Angel (Indo) Md
Coral Beauty Angel Fiji
Golden Angel Bali
Yellow Tang (Haw.) 3.5″-4.4″
Orange Fin Tomini Tang Md
Chromis Green (Indo)
Eye Spot Damsel (Indo)
Neon Velvet Damsels
Three Striped Damsel (Indo)
Three Spot Domino Damsel (In
Yellowtail Blue Damsel (Indo)
Black Bar Chromis
Purple Tang Lg
Africa Cleaner Wrasse
Cleaner Bicolor Wrse (Indo) Md
Banggai Cardinal
Auriga Butterfly Md
Pearlscale Butterfly Sm
Blue Reef Chromis (belize) Md
Clown Green Goby
Clown Yellow Goby
Mandarin Green Goby Lg
Mandarin Spotted Goby Sm
Watchman Orange Spotted Goby
Watchman Yellow Goby Md
Lawnmower Blenny Sm/Md
Twin Spot Goby
Diamond Goby Md
Tail Spot Blenny
Red Dragonet Blenny
Volitan Black Lion Lg
Dogface Puffer Md
Mappa Puffer Sm/Md
Powder Brown Tang Md
Sailfin Tang (Indo) Md
Bursa Trigger (Indo) Md
Huma Trigger (Indo) Sm
Six Line Wrasse (Indo)
Green Coris Wrasse (Indo) Md
Wardley Wrasse Md
Yellow Fin Fairy/Millenium Wrs
Anthias Flavo
Black Box (Haw.)
Hawkfish Longnose Md
Hawkfish Red Banded (Haw.)
Pseudo Chromis Bicolor
Royal Gramma (Car.) Sm/Md
Neon Dottyback T/R
Pipefish Dragon Face

Saltwater Inverts:
Green Bulb Anemone Md
Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Car.)
Electric Blue Hermit
Fire Shrimp (Sri) Md
Chocolate Chip Starfish Sm/Md
Turbo Snail (Mex.)
Sea Hare Nudibranch Lg
Sea Hare Blue Spot Nudibranch
Pink Margarita Snail
Astria Snail (Florida)
Nassarius Snail Xlg
Emerald Crab

O.R.A. Fish & Coral
ORA Black Snowflake Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus)
Lightning Maroon Clown (P. biaculeatus)
ORA Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
ORA Fancy Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
ORA Frostbite Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
EXTREME MISBAR Ocellaris (Amphiprion ocellaris)
ORA Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
Frogskin Acro (Acropora sp.)
ORA German Blue Polyp (Montipora digitata)
ORA Green Planet Acropora – (Acropora sp.)
Squamosa Clam 5-6 cm
Green Gem Acro (Acropora sp.)
Micronesian Mauve Acro
Marshall Island Yellow Fuzzy (Acropora sp.)
Chaetomorpha (Chaetomorpha sp.)

Freshwater Fish:
Red Dragon Roundtail Betta Male Lrg
Butterfly Halfmoon Betta Male Lrg
Platinum White Betta Male Lrg
Pearl Leeri Gourami Reg
Clown Loach M/S
Dojo Loach Reg
Kuhlii Loach Reg
Angelicus Botia Reg
Stone Catfish Sml
Habrosus Pygmy Corydoras Reg
Lemon Fin Pleco L305 Reg
Redtail Sternella Pleco L114 Reg
Chocolate Zebra Pleco L129 Reg
White Seam Bristlenose Pleco L183 Med
Green Spotted Ancistrus Pleco Med
Orange Blotched Peacock Cichlid Reg
Cyphotilapia Frontosa Cichlid Reg
Ikola Kaiser Tropheus Moorii Cichlid Reg
Red Frontosa Cichlid Reg
Tropheus Moorii Cichlid Chilanga Reg
Longfin Blue Ram Cichlid Reg
Ghost Shrimp
Peacock Gudgeon Florida Reg
Bumblebee Goby Reg
Red Stiphodon Goby Med
Blue Neon Stiphodon Goby Male Reg
Blue Moscow Delta Guppy Male Med
Assorted Premium Guppy Male Med
Assorted Fancy Endler’s Livebearer Reg
Red Endler’s Livebearer Reg
Rainbow Guppy Male Med
Assorted Sailfin Molly Med
Dwarf Freshwater BB Puffer Reg
Figure Eight Puffer Lrg
Leopard Puffer Lrg
Orange Saddle Fugu Puffer Reg
Black Rasbora Het Florida Reg
Black Neon Tetra Reg
Cardinal Tetra Med
Orange Von Rio Tetra Florida Reg
Rummynose Tetra Reg
Silver Hatchet Med

Freshwater Inverts:
Amano Algae Eating Shrimp Reg
Blue Velvet Shrimp Reg
Black Carbon Shrimp Reg
Blue Mini Sulawesi Shrimp Reg
Assorted Mystery Snail Reg
Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snail Reg
Pink Rabbit Snail Reg

Freshwater Plants:
Baby’s Tears Potted Reg
Glossostigma Potted Reg
Anacharis Najas Plant Bunched Reg
Bacopa Plant Bunched Reg
Ludwigia Peruensis Plant Bunched Reg
Rotala Nanjenshan Plant Bunched Reg
Rotala Wallichi Plant Bunched Reg
Pogostemon Stellatus Plant Bunched Reg
Cabomba Plant Bunched Reg
Kompact Hygrophila Corymbosa Bunched Reg
Moss Ball Plant Sml
Dwarf Cattail Potted Reg
Ludwigia Sedioides Surface Plant

… and so much more already available! I’ll see you at The Studio!

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